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Check out how we were testing Crayola Erasable Pencils :)

The pencils look like this:

When I opened the box I saw 10 colorful pencils. Each pencil has an eraser.

Let's solve a Japanese Puzzle.

The pencils paint very good and the puzzle is becoming orange and white, instead of black and white :) So nice!

Ok, now I want to place an X. Hmmm... what if instead of an X I will just paint the fields with another color? That's a good idea! Orange will look good with... blue :)

Nice :)

Ok. What if I make a mistake? Will the pencils erase well? I will paint some fields in the middle of the puzzle...

I erased the pencils and look, the paper looks quite good. And it didn't erase the black lines! Only the pencil :)

Now I will check if the pencils will soil my hand. I will start to move my hand across the color...

My hand is clean :)

I will check now if the pencils will show on the page underneath. I will paint one side of the page...

And now I will paint the other side, right where the green square is.

I will check the page underneath...

It's a little bit green, but not much :) Great :) I don't even have to erase this to solve the other puzzle.
Let's make a summation:

Crayola Erasable Pencils - advantages:

  • they erase very well
  • they add color to black and white puzzles
  • they don't spoil your hand
  • they don't show on the page underneath (or a little bit)
  • you have 10 colors to choose from :)

Crayola Erasable Pencils - disadvantages:

  • they don't have a sharpener attached to each pencil somewhere somehow ;)

Where you can buy Crayola Erasable Pencils? In Logi store :) The price is very attractive!
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